Earthindra Interior Design is a comprehensive luxury interior design studio synonymous with the creation of beautifully crafted multi-layered elegant interiors

Founded by the Earthindra Group, in 2013
The studio creates luxurious, yet livable, residences and strives to deliver exceptionally high, personalized levels of service – values which lie at the very heart of our business.

How it Started

                    It all started when Mr. Mahendra Gajjar was working in the construction field when he got a job to build a children’s play house. Then he was more happy to work in the interior than in the construction field. Then he founded a company called Vishwakarma and today it is known as Earthindra. The Earthindra was founded in 2013. It is now a trusted brand for complete home interior design and renovation for thousands of homeowners.                  

 A Per saving hard earned money, when a person wants to build his / her own house, there comes the need of an interior designer. Home / interior decora on perfectly reflects its owner’s characters cs. Indeed well designed spaces brings fillings of comfort. Here we provide some ideas for home decora on, storage skills. The exquisite design will give great inspire on for furniture decora on. Our moto is maximum utilization of the space. We design home interior to fulfill all your requirements with utmost elegant looks and long life. We believe that your home or work space should reflects your personality.

"We Transforming interior spaces through inspired and intelligent spatial design."

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1. For residential projects, the booking amount will be Rs.25,000.

2. For commercial interior projects, the booking amount will be Rs.50000. / 3. For architectural projects, the booking amount will be Rs.75000.

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