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1.Why is Earthindra the right place for me to work?

At Earthindra, we foster a dynamic and innovative work environment that encourages creativity, collaboration, and personal growth. Creative freedom and zero micromanagement - this is what we promise. You will also have many training opportunities. Your income will be stable. You will awaken or groom your inner entrepreneur. And, you'll be working on a diverse portfolio, and with the brightest minds. Working on cutting-edge projects will allow you to constantly learn and push the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

2. Is Earthindra still growing?

Yes, Earthindra is still growing!

We’re expanding across the top 4 knowledge cities in India.

At Earthindra, we are committed to continuous growth and development. Since our establishment, we have been on a journey of expansion, driven by our passion for interior design and dedication to providing exceptional services to our clients. Our commitment to excellence, client satisfaction, and innovation has enabled us to progress and thrive in the industry.

As of my last update in April 2022, Earthindra had experienced significant growth, both in terms of the scale of projects undertaken and the talented team members joining our ranks.

3. Is Earthindra a design, architect, or an e-commerce company?

At Earthindra, we specialize in providing comprehensive interior design services to our clients. Our primary focus is on interior design, architect design into that reflect the unique style and preferences of our clients. We also work in architect field. And also available Earthindra online store on our website which you can visit.

4.What are the work hours like at Earthindra?

We’re like acrobats - flexible. We focus on getting things done as opposed to clocking in and clocking out. In general, 5 to 6 days a week. There can be exceptions though based on the team you are working in.

5. How quickly can I grow within the company?

Think of it this way - we have plenty of sunlight, water and good soil, and we also have good seeds. And we’d love for you to grow. Nothing can stop you if you choose to.

6. How many leaves/holidays do we get a year?

We love our holidays. Well, who doesn't? 12 public holidays, 12 privilege leaves and 12 sick leaves a calendar year. You also get maternity/paternity and bereavement leave.