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Residential interior

                            Residential interiors designed by Earthindra exemplify a harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal, functionality, and sustainable practices. With a deep commitment to creating living spaces that prioritize well-being and environmental responsibility, Earthindra designs interiors that are both visually stunning and ecologically conscious.

Earthindra’s residential interiors begin with careful consideration of the residents’ needs, preferences, and lifestyle.

The color palettes employed by Earthindra in residential interiors vary depending on the desired ambiance and function of each room. Soft and neutral tones are often used to create a serene and calming atmosphere, while pops of color may be incorporated to add vibrancy and personality. Earthindra’s skillful use of color ensures that each space evokes the desired mood and complements the overall design concept.

Earthindra Interiors

Earthindra Interior Design is a comprehensive luxury interior design studio synonymous with the creation of beautifully crafted multi-layered elegant interiors

Founded by the Earthindra Group, in 2013,
The studio creates luxurious, yet livable, residences and strives to deliver exceptionally high, personalized levels of service – values which lie at the very heart of our business.

We Believe

                      A Per saving hard earned money, when a person wants to build his / her own house, there comes the need of an interior designer. Home / interior decora on perfectly reflects its owner’s characters cs. Indeed well designed spaces brings fillings of comfort. Here we provide some ideas for home decora on, storage skills. The exquisite design will give great inspire on for furniture decora on. Our moto is maximum utilization of the space. We design home interior to fulfill all your requirements with utmost elegant looks and long life. We believe that your home or work space should reflects your personality.

Luxurious Residences

“We Transforming interior spaces through inspired and intelligent spatial design.”

            Our interior architects and designer understand the impact of light, space, shape and form on a home. By considering all these elements, the team create properties that work intelligently and are a pleasure to live in.

       Earthindra’s commitment to sustainability extends to the incorporation of biophilic design principles. Living walls, indoor gardens, and carefully placed potted plants bring nature indoors, promoting well-being and connection with the environment. These green elements not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the residences but also contribute to improved air quality and a sense of tranquility.

        Luxurious residences typically refer to high-end, upscale homes or apartments that offer an array of premium amenities, exquisite design, and a high level of comfort. 


Living Room

“Elevate Your Space with Modern Design: Where Sleekness and Sophistication Blend in Perfect Harmony.”

                  The living room designed by Earthindra is an exquisite example of luxurious and environmentally conscious interior design. Earthindra, known for their commitment to sustainable architecture and innovative design concepts, has created a living space that seamlessly blends elegance, comfort, and eco-friendly elements.

               Overall, the living room designed by Earthindra represents a harmonious fusion of luxurious living and environmental responsibility. It showcases how thoughtful design choices can create a space that prioritizes both comfort and sustainability. Earthindra’s commitment to eco-friendly practices is evident in every detail, making this living room a testament to their dedication to creating a better future through design.

              To further promote sustainability, Earthindra incorporates advanced technology into the living room design. Smart home automation systems enable energy efficiency and control over lighting, temperature, and other environmental factors. and The lighting fixtures in the living room are both functional and artistic. Earthindra embraces energy-efficient LED lighting that can be adjusted to create various moods and ambiance. 

Master Bedroom

“Indulge in Contemporary Luxury Transform Your Master Bedroom into a Modern Haven of Serenity and Style.”

                 At Earthindra..To create a sense of luxury and relaxation, Earthindra often incorporates additional features into the master bedroom design. These may include a cozy seating area with comfortable chairs or a chaise lounge, where residents can unwind and enjoy moments of solitude. Large windows or glass walls allow natural light to flood the room and provide beautiful views of the surrounding landscape.
                A simple way to ensure your bedroom design promotes a positive mood and feels like a place you can unwind in? Make sure it reflects your style; incorporates your favorite materials, colors, and patterns; shines the right light; and maximizes space. If you need some inspiration to revamp your bedroom, you’ve come to the right place. We brainstormed 65 bedroom design ideas to help you create your own perfect resting space. No matter how bold you want to go, how large your room is, or what your design preference is, these bedroom decorating ideas, shopping tips, and designer examples are sure to inspire deeper, dreamier slumbers. Not to mention, they’re sure to impress guests.


Kitchen Design

“Experience the Perfect Blend of Functionality and Aesthetics with our Modular Kitchen Designs.”


Earthindra go beyond your expectations and provide you with modular components for your kitchen as well as complete kitchen design solution. The perfect blend of modernism, clean lines bring a soft touch to your kitchen.

One of the main features of this kitchen design is that the major functions are set to function along a single wall. No other wall of the kitchen serves main functions of a kitchen. For example, the refrigerator, the stove or oven, and the sink are all placed at one side of the kitchen. There are usually some cabinets that are placed at the upper side of the wall. This is a good arrangement of a kitchen’s major functions if the area is small and one likes to have a beautiful kitchen even in that small area.

What are you looking for ?


1. What is residential interior design?

Residential interior design focuses on enhancing the aesthetics, functionality, and overall appeal of homes. It involves designing and decorating living spaces, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas within a residential property to create a comfortable and visually pleasing environment.

2. Why should I hire a residential interior designer?

Hiring a Earthindra's residential interior designer benefits. They have the expertise to maximize the functionality of your space, create a cohesive design scheme, source materials and furnishings, manage the project, and ensure your vision is brought to life. They can save you time, provide professional guidance, and deliver a finished result that exceeds your expectations.

3.What should I consider when designing the layout of my home?

When designing the layout of your home, consider the flow of traffic, functionality, and the purpose of each room. Think about how you and your family will move through the space and ensure that rooms are appropriately sized for their intended use. It's also important to consider natural lighting, views, and any specific requirements or preferences you may have.

4. How long does a residential interior design project typically take?

The duration of a residential interior design project varies depending on the size, complexity, and scope of work involved. Small projects, such as decorating a single room, can take a few weeks to a few months. Larger-scale projects, such as whole-home renovations, can take several months or longer. Factors such as the availability of materials, contractor schedules, and decision-making can influence the timeline.

5. How much will a residential interior design project cost?

The cost of a residential interior design project depends on factors such as the size of the space, project scope, level of customization, location, and the interior designer's fee structure. otherwise Interior design services may be charged hourly, as a percentage of the project cost, or as a flat fee.

6. What are some current residential interior design trends?

Interior design trends evolve over time, but some current trends include the use of natural materials, sustainable design practices, incorporation of smart home technology, blending of different design styles for a more eclectic look, and a focus on creating functional and multi-purpose spaces. However, it's important to choose design elements that resonate with your personal style and preferences rather than solely trends.

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Note: 1. For residential projects, the booking amount will be Rs.25,000. 2. For commercial interior projects, the booking amount will be Rs.50000. / 3. For architectural projects, the booking amount will be Rs.75000.