Dining Table | 6 Seating

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Dimensions : Len (72 inch), Width (36 inch), Height (30 inch) 

Colour Types : Brown & Black Finish with Ivory Chairs

Seating Capacity : 6 Persons

Shape : Rectangular

Special Feature : 6 to 8 Seater Converter, Expendable, Extendable

Fabric : Polished

Color Option : Available

Pattern : Solid Wooden / Plywood

Style : Modern

Net Quantity : 1N

Frame Material : Wood

Room Types : Cafe, Hallway, Dining Room, Restaurants



At Earthindra
The 6 Seater Dining Table with Wooden Top is a beautifully crafted and functional centerpiece for your dining room. Designed to comfortably accommodate six individuals, this dining table is perfect for family gatherings, dinner parties, and everyday meals.

Length: 72 inches (183 cm)
Width: 36 inches (91 cm)
Height: 30 inches (76 cm)
Seating Capacity: 6 Person


Premium Quality Solid Wood:

Crafted from high-grade, responsibly sourced solid wood, providing a sturdy and durable surface for dining. The natural grain patterns and rich hues of wood add warmth and elegance to your dining space.
Table Base:

Sturdy Wooden Legs:
The dining table is supported by four sturdy wooden legs, ensuring stability and balance. The legs are intricately designed with attention to detail, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal of the table.

Finish Top Options:
Available in a range of wood finishes, allowing you to choose the one that complements your interior décor. Options include Wooden, Stone, Marble, or Italian Marble.

Seating Arrangement:
The table is designed with a symmetrical seating arrangement, providing ample legroom and space for each person.

Care Instructions:
To maintain the beauty of the wooden top, it is recommended to clean spills promptly and avoid placing hot or abrasive objects directly on the surface. Regularly dust and clean the table with a soft, damp cloth.

Versatile Usage:
Beyond mealtime, the 6 Seater Dining Table can also serve as a workspace for studying or a gathering spot for board games and other activities.


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